Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mexican Silver Cuff Bracelet Day of the Dead

Silver Cuff Bracelet Day of the Dead Handmade 'Catrina Flirt' NOVICA Mexico - 

Smiling under a flowery hat, Catrina flirts with Mexican traditions in a cuff bracelet by Maria Belen Nilson. Catrina is the original creation of José Guadalupe Posadas, renowned author, journalist and political cartoonist (1852-1913). He is credited for popularizing the Day of the Dead celebrations, especially through the creation of skeletal cartoons that capture the Mexican attitude towards death. The most renowned of these is the Catrina, meaning "dapper," and she is always elegantly dressed in a wide brimmed hat with colorful flowers. 

.925 sterling silver

~A beautifully hand-crafted bracelet by the hands of the talented artisan depicting the beloved folk heroine. This unique piece is a collector's item and a stunning work of wearable artwork. There truly is nothing like it.

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