Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayan Masks - Life & Death Jaguar Warrior

Mayan Masks - Life & Death Jaguar warrior AZTEC ART MAYAN MASK...

We make these beautiful pieces of art in our family, lots of love and many hours go into each piece. Pieces are finished to last, wired to hang for no extra charge. Mask will be wired for immediate enjoyment. This mask is not freestanding. This one features our favorite subject the warrior. Part of two types of elite Aztec Warriors, this piece really goes all out. Very stylized Jaguar headdress is stunning and very substantial.

When a Jaguar warrior went onto the battle field. He was thought to take on attributes of the Majestic Jaguar. Jaguar warriors were either born of Noble descent or allowed to become so after capturing 12 men in two consecutive battles alive to be sacrificed to the Gods. For this reason the Warriors themselves were feared . Part of it has been done in black. A Jaguar warrior is the king of the night, the Principal diety of the ancient culture is said to travel nightly through the underworld. Turning himself into half jaguar half man. To emerge triumphant every morning and give the world life. The very spots on him to symbolize the night stars. This piece features life and death on the face.

This is a symbol of synergy found in nature. The two forces of life and death in complementary balance are a symbol of eternity. Death smiling suggests mans happiness in the eternal cycle. More a symbol of rebirth and eternity than death. This piece is stunning. Highly stylized skull side finished ultra fine and has been left nude to show the high quality piece of local grown cedar used. The warrior side has been intricately carved with warrior marks that would have been earned for prowess on the battle field.

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