Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayan Masks - Life & Death Mayan Aztec Warrior Mask

Life & Death Mayan Aztec Warrior Mask...

his stunning piece features our favourite mayan subject. A Warrior in life and death transition. It is a place of fearlessness, it represents an eternal cycle,purpose and peace knowing the warrior was part of the cycle.

Upon close inspection one can see quality graceful strokes have been carved into both warrior sides. Each side has been done differently.One just as beautiful as the other.

A skull in the middle and two half faces make up this piece. Death smiles, determined warrior expression classic features, has a beautiful deep royal burgundy and brown finish. Death face in center has been done in a honey color for contrast. Perfectly balanced in center of the piece it ties the concept together. Profile of warrior is profile featured in Ancient architecture. It is a profile of determination reflective of Mayan features;high cheekbones,what we call an eagle nose and almond eyes. Artist has finished this warrior in a deep royal purple. Death side of face has an ultra fine finish. Death holds a wicked smile.Stylized cuts in skull add further visual interest. Ear adornments different on each side, each side beautifully balanced and intricate.

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