Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mexican Decorations - Maya Warrior Sun Hummingbird

Mayan Aztec mesoamerican aztec maya warrior sun hummingbird art...

This stunning piece features our favorite Mayan subject. A Warrior in battle - It is a place of fearlessness, it represents an eternal cycle,purpose and peace knowing the warrior was part of the cycle. More than a symbol of death, it is a symbol of synergy. Balanced equal designs on either side, (rare) Profile of warrior is profile featured in Ancient architecture. It is a profile of determination reflective of Maya features; high cheekbones, what we call an eagle nose and almond eyes.

Warrior side of face features royal profile, open full mouth, gorgeous high cheekbones.Warrior side has been carved with intricate detail on warrior side. It has been embellished with every color on the mask. Ear adornments like the headdress are different in life and death. Both sides are very balanced and stylized. The artist has done the face in the likeness we have of King Pacal the great-It is reminiscent of his profile.

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