Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oaxacan Wood Carvings - Alebrije Double Fish by Zeny Fuentes

Alebrije Double Fish by Zeny Fuentes...

This colorful handcrafted piece by Zeny Fuentes is a typical example of Oaxacan folk art. The bright decor on this piece is a representation of the culture and ways of the mexican people. The contrast of the colors and unique patterns really bring out a very powerful combination. Each piece is unique in size, color and design and meticulously created by hand. It was designed, handcrafted and painted in Oaxaca Mexico by a true artisan.

Zeny Fuentes ia a fourth generation Zapoteca Indian from Oaxaca Mexico. He began carving and painting when he was seven years old. Zeny has demonstrated his carving process and exhibited his work in numerous museums, galleries, schools and educational conferences throughout the US. The fine quality of his work is recognized by collectors everywhere.

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