Friday, September 6, 2013

Oaxacan Wood Carvings - Mexican Folk Art Antilope

Mexican Folk Art Exceptionally Fine Antilope Oaxacan Wood Carving Julia Fuentes

This Amazingly Fine Antilope stands 18" tall, is 12" long, and is 7" wide.

Julia Fuentes comes from the famous Fuentes family from San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. Her grandfather was one of the original pioneers of the woodcarvings, but it was her father Efrain who became one of the first to show internationally and become sought after by collectors. Her brother is also very well known but to escape the shadow of her family Julia went back to school and actually studied fine art at the Bellas Artes, Oaxacan campus. Today, she together with her huban Jose Juan Melchor, they are considered to be the biggest up and comming super stars. Julia, like the rest of her family grew up carving and painting but is the subtle combinations of colors and shading techniques that Julia has brought to the table that has refined her carvings which have just now caught the eye of a number of Museums and galleries in the US as well as Mexico.

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