Equipale 4 Leather Barrel Chairs & Table


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Imported from Mexico, Equipales are handmade from all natural materials -tanned pig skin, cedar wood, and willow. Being true Mexican furniture, equipales are a must in any southwestern, Spanish Colonial, Mexican rustic, and ranch/adobe style décor- perfect for your home bar, patio or family room

Traditional Equipales Mexican leather chairs are pre-Hispanic Mexican furniture that are incredibly resilient and will last through many years of constant use. The word equipal comes from the Aztec word icpalli. which means “place to sit” in Nahuatl, patient the ancient Aztec language.

Chairs Measure:
26” wide x 22” deep x 32” high/ Table: 39” diameter x 30” high/Glass 42″ diameter

This is a vintage piece and as such displays a mild level of wear from age. Any imperfections that have occurred only add to the charm and uniqueness.